Heather Bult, Author at Pivot Marketing Inc.
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Author:Heather Bult

A Look at the New FDA Nutrition Facts Label

Big changes are coming in the grocery store aisles, in particular to the Nutrition Facts label. The new label (image below) will need to be implemented by manufactures in July of 2018 with the exception of those with less then $10 million in annual food sales who have been given an additional year to comply.   At...

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Brand Partner

THAT #@%!$#! AGENCY! How to Avoid Disaster When Picking a Brand Parter

Eighteen months. Less than two years. Five-hundred-and-some-odd days. That’s the average relationship between brand and advertising agency. And it’s getting even shorter.   So, why have relationships that previously spanned years—or decades—dwindled down so much?   Here are the top questions to ask when scouting for brand partner resources so you don't ever have to say again, "THAT #@%!$#! AGENCY!":   How...

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Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law – How Does This Effect You?

Did you know that if you are selling any food products in Vermont, you now need to add a label  calling out that it contains GMO’s? Effective July 1, 2016 in Vermont all food containing genetically engineered ingredients need to be labeled on the packaging. They are allowing a 6 month grace period for companies to...

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