About Us - Pivot Marketing Inc.
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Brand + Creative

A powerful combination

When Jeff Dryfhout, founder of Pivot, worked in brand management for brands like Pepsi, Quaker, ConAgra Foods and Sara Lee, he saw a deficiency among the more than 50 agency partners he engaged over his 20-year career. Namely, the agencies may have done award-winning designs, or tapped into cool trends, but they didn’t bring solutions to the table to solve brand problems and drive growth. So, while the agencies tapped creative talent, they didn’t have the necessary brand experience to help their clients sustain growth. And that hampered both the solutions the agency came up with and the creative output.


But what if someone could harness brand expertise and exceptional creative talent? You’d have an agency that inherently gets it—one that can develop and deliver solutions that strategically drives business growth for brands, while offering sparkling creative that engenders consumer loyalty. So Jeff set out to create an agency that does just that.


Pivot is that agency: Deeply steeped in brand expertise, but also driven to execute superb creative that engages consumers. Our team offers clients a range of integrated capabilities, becoming a true partner and go-to resource for a wide variety of marketing initiatives.


Brand + Creative.


Sounds simple. If it was that simple, everyone would be doing it. But, in truth, to get there, you’d have to Pivot.

Here’s another pivot…

Our team is made up entirely of experienced brand-side leaders and creative talent. By employing seasoned professionals, we ensure that expertise is engaged quickly and efficiently, shaving off time and cost for client projects. There’s no wheel-spinning and angsting over whether the direction is right. That’s because our team has seen it all before—and executed it flawlessly countless times over.

Branding & Identity

Our staff is expert in branding and identity, ensuring that every touchpoint resonates from a brand perspective. That, in turn, makes for consistent—and consistently amazing—creative approaches.


Unlike some agencies that dabble in packaging design, our staff has a deep experience base. Just walk the aisles of your local grocery store or big box retailer. You’ll see our staff’s resumes on every shelf.


Back in the day, doing digital meant tossing up a brochure-ware website. But now, digital marketing involves everything from response-driven and automated nurture streams to geo-fencing in retail environments to engender consumer engagement. Lucky that we do it all. And do it well.

Is it time for your brand to Pivot?