Growth Catalysts Branding + Website - Pivot Marketing Inc.
Growth Catalysts is a global consultancy that develops new products for CPG companies needed a visual refresh on their brand and website to better convey their offerings to potential clients.
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Growth Catalysts

We made the hidden jump out and take center stage

Growth Catalysts

How do you shine a light on a company when said company’s clients want to keep the work a secret? You pivot, of course. Growth Catalysts is a global consultancy that helps consumer packaged goods companies succeed—through segmentation, research, ideation, strategic engagement and product development. Problem was, a lot of their clients liked the fact that Growth Catalysts helps them succeed behind the scenes. So, we brought Growth Catalysts to the forefront, redefining and refreshing their brand, while ensuring that the visual connection to prospects was on point and leading edge. We also developed their website, mindful of the tricky balance between showcasing skillsets, case studies and talents and maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity some of their blue-chip clients craved. The result: a fresh take on a company that in turn, provides fresh takes for their clients.