Kronos World Cuisine - Pivot Marketing Inc.
Creative design and development for a food company in transition. Developing a brand refresh and logo design to achieve new business goals for Kronos Foods, now Kronos World Cuisine.
food company, rebrand, logo design, brand refresh
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Kronos World Cuisine

We made the brand sizzle.
  • Brand refresh for CPG food company Kronos World Cuisine
  • Sketches and ideas for the Kronos logo brand refresh
  • Before and After of Kronos Branding
  • Kronos World Cuising - Brand Refresh - Presentation and Printed Elements
  • Exterior and Interior elements to bring the rebrand to life
  • Business Card and identity system design
  • Defining the new brand style for Kronos
  • Brand Style Guide development for Kronos after brand/logo refresh
  • Microsite design for Kronos to explore/explain their new world cuisine

Kronos World Cuisine

Food manufacturer Kronos was renowned for its authentic Greek cuisine—and that was the problem. The company had expanded into all sorts of other fare but was primarily known as the maker of gyros. Clearly, a rebranding was in order. So, Kronos turned to Pivot for help.

First, we dug in and explored the history of Kronos, making an extensive assessment of current branding practices, positionings and assets. Then we rolled up our sleeves and reimagined Kronos as a purveyor of the exotic and flavorful, using mood boards and exercises to align with a new vision of Kronos.

A number of different brand positionings were showcased; Kronos felt most comfortable with a position that struck a balance between the company’s roots and a more contemporary look. To this end, we designed a brand identity that was a nod to the company’s heritage while also updating, expanding and futureproofing its look. We stylized one of the recognizable elements of gyros—the spit—and turned it into an exclamation mark, while offering a fresh take on the logotype and tagline.

Ensuring the new brand identity and positioning was flexible through a series of design exercises, we built out the identity into a complete brand guide, offering copy tonality, brand stories for both consumer and retailer audiences and detailed design guidelines.

We then drilled down into tactical executions, designing websites, business cards, signage, collateral and trade show materials. We even created new corporate fascia and lobby designs—looks more befitting a world leader in ethnic cuisine. The result: a new Kronos, one positioned toward the future of world cuisine while honoring its heritage in Mediterranean food.


Branding, Digital, Strategy