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Little Lungs Campaign

We make their air healthy.

Little Lungs Campaign

The little lungs of babies, toddlers and preschoolers need clean air—that’s because these developing lungs are more susceptible to allergens, bacteria and germs. Problem is, many daycare providers—and parents for that matter—don’t understand that indoor air can be cleaner and healthier, because they don’t know of options to actually scrub the air. So, we worked with our client Fellowes to boost awareness of its line of professional air purifiers.

The focal point: a campaign and sweepstakes that emphasized the need to clean indoor air in daycare centers and preschools, involving the daycare providers, caregivers and parents.

We built a direct response list of daycare centers for an email campaign and targeted advertising to the providers, creating a sweepstakes that offered the winner up to $10,000 in AeraMax Pro air purifiers to outfit a center with clean, fresh air.

Additional prizes included cute plush “lung” toys and eBooks outlining the benefits of purifying indoor air, as well as steps to take to ensure indoor daycare air was optimized.

The sweepstakes had an added component: participants could get more daily entries by passing along the sweepstakes missives to colleagues and parents of children enrolled at the center, upping chances of winning and broadening the pool of awareness.

Once participants entered the sweepstakes, follow-up emails extolled the virtues of the Fellowes air purifiers, while also encouraging additional entries. In addition, the Fellowes team was afforded the opportunity to continue communications with a potential audience and build a base of sales leads.


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