Nits No More - Pivot Forward
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Nits No More

We solved a real head scratcher for Nits No More.

Nits No More

There’s nothing more panic-inducing for a parent than hearing that someone in their child’s playgroup or class has head lice. That fear prompts an immediate reaction, an immediate action, and the need for a service that can stop those fears from, um, spreading. Nits No More, a company specializing in providing head lice solutions, needed to present itself in a way that would do just that. But the company didn’t know where to start. So naturally, it was time to Pivot. First, we developed a brand that was designed specifically to calm fears and reassure potential users. Then, we ensured that information could be shared quickly and efficiently. That meant designing an engaging website that was not only welcoming and friendly, but also responsive—seeing that parents-in-a-panic would whip out smartphones to find a solution at the first mention of the word “lice.”