Nuttin' Clusters - Pivot Marketing Inc.
We developed a new brand and packaging design to unify Nuttin Clusters with another product line and create a platform for future expansion.
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Nuttin’ Clusters

We made a family

Nuttin’ Clusters

When Hello Delicious! wanted to launch a paleo-friendly nut and fruit cluster snack, they came to the right place. Us. We had already successfully created a similar product for the snack food company, and the more we worked on the unnamed project, the more it became evident that the product wasn’t a standalone, but an adjunct to the existing Coconut Clusters. So, a product family was born. First, we focused on naming, using the notion of nuts and other ingredients with a play on “nuts and,” calling the product Nuttin’ Clusters. Then, we created a family look among the line by taking elements of the Coconut Clusters design and adapting them to the new product. In turn, Nuttin’ Clusters looked as though it was part of a line, while totally standing out on its own. We played up the natural goodness of the clusters through element photography and design, and were mindful of design adaptability, given that there were to be additional future combinations of nuts and fruits in the product line. We also created club store case designs, to ensure Nuttin’ Clusters had stopping power.