The Pure Sweetness Baking Co. - Pivot Marketing, Inc.
Mrs. Pure’s Cookies began life as a manufacturing plant, but with an opportunity to put their cookies on shelf in a major retailer, they turned to us to pivot their brand, packaging and story, and that is pure sweetness.
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The Pure Sweetness Baking Co.

We made sure everyone could experience pure delight.

The Pure Sweetness Baking Co.

Mrs. Pure’s Cookies began life as a manufacturing plant for other consumer packaged goods companies, but when those companies took their production in-house, Mrs. Pure’s decided to keep on baking. The result: great homemade-tasting goods that mimic the fare of the corner bake shop that was once attached to the plant. Years later, the company had an opportunity to get distribution in a large retail environment…and that offered an opportunity to enhance the brand. Naturally, the company came to us. We reimagined the offering created specifically for the retailer, renaming it, repositioning it and developing a whimsically design to boxes and bags for each of the flavors. We created a new brand story and optimized shelf appeal and visuals. We even ensured that the new packaging would delight both moms and kids—no mean feat these days.


Branding, Packaging