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Urban Farmer Social Media

We engage with consumers.

Urban Farmer Social Media

Pizza is everywhere—it’s eaten for lunch, for dinner, as snacks and even as breakfast after some intrepid all-nighter types wake in the mid-morning. So how do you cut through all the clutter to get people to notice your pizza brand? Employ the 3Cs: Creativity, consistency and communications.

That’s what we did for client Urban Farmer. They had a terrific, healthy and gluten-free frozen pizza product, with a proprietary recipe that made for crispy, crunchy veggie crusts. Add in perfectly seasoned toppings and you have a surefire winner in the marketplace. Problem was, however, people weren’t as aware of the brand. So, we dove in, examining the company’s social media feed and kicked the 3Cs into high gear.

First, creativity. We created a playful tonality in the missives. So, people saw an animated George Washington in a birthday hat chomping on pizza, Monty Python style. And animated cows being abducted by UFOs. And astronauts doing spacewalks with floating pepperoni. We also gave Instagram and Facebook lessons on the history of pizza. And we focused on points of difference in unique ways.

Then, consistency. We began posting with much more frequency and employed structured calendars to ensure posts were timely and presented on a regular basis. By mapping out monthly posts, we could anticipate timings, syncing up to promotions and key dates.

And finally, communication. We tied social posts to company initiatives, like sweepstakes, to provide substantial lift. We also peppered in company news to go along with product posts.

How did it turn out? Well, before Pivot, some social media sites had zero—and we mean zero—Urban Farmer followers. But as a result of our efforts, there was an overall (and whopping) 692 percent increase in followers. And, there was a 4,724 percent impression increase; there was a 7,079 percent engagement increase after we got involved. A healthy boost for a healthy brand.


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