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Sustainable Food Packaging Design a concern for consumers

Two-thirds of consumers consider sustainability in food packaging

According to the Global Green Buying Report one of the best things you could do for your consumers this year is ensuring that your food packaging is recyclable and sustainable. With 67% of consumers making at-shelf purchase decisions with recyclability in mind, your brand and your food products can no longer afford to ignore the...

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How has COVID has affected the food business and restaurant industry?

The COVID effect on the food business and restaurant industry isn’t over yet.

The past year has been one of significant change for consumer packaged good brands, restaurants, and the food business. While the total consumer packaged goods industry grew about 10.4% in 20201 not every food business saw positive effects of consumers eating more meals in the home. A recent report from Food Dive shows that publicly...

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Eating Well Trend Creates Grocery Retail Opportunities

Webinar: How can wellness food trends help your brand?

The Food Marketing Institute is hosting a free webinar next week that may be beneficial for your brand. As more consumers are trying to "eat well" they can help you break down what that means and how it presents opportunities for grocery brands. You will learn: - What consumers mean by “eating well” - Consumer satisfaction with...

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Are you giving your branding the right energy and focus?

Branding: Energy vs. Focus

Taking care of brands.  It's something that we do everyday.  The article below was intriguing to me as it spoke to how we plan for caring for brands.  What comes first...

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Having a positive attitude is the key to everything.

Innovation as Attitude

"Attitude is everything." Everyday parents, teachers, coachers, mentors all reinforce the importance of going through life calibrated with the right attitude.  It sets the tone for our others around us, but most importantly, attitudes shape our actions.   In the same way, innovation is seen more than just a function, but an attitude. Organizations that win with...

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Innovating for social good with One World Futbol

3 Innovative Brands with “Social Good” at their Core

The concept of “social good marketing” has gained traction over the years.  Many of the larger corporations and brands have been dipping their toe into this pool, but with results that feel less then genuine. On the flip side there are several organization who have “social good” not as a monthly promotion, but built as the...

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3 Lessons Youth Baseball Taught Me About Innovation

Maybe you played baseball or softball as a child and can recall the chant players belt out when the opposing team was up to bat.  In an effort to influence the outcome squeaky 9 year old voices would belt out in unison… “Hey batter, batter, batter, batter, batter….SWING!” Commonly, the chant decibel level was in direct proportion...

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