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Eating Well Trend Creates Grocery Retail Opportunities

Webinar: How can wellness food trends help your brand?

The Food Marketing Institute is hosting a free webinar next week that may be beneficial for your brand. As more consumers are trying to "eat well" they can help you break down what that means and how it presents opportunities for grocery brands. You will learn: - What consumers mean by “eating well” - Consumer satisfaction with...

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Pizza Chips - Food Packaging Design by Pivot Marketing

Packaging of the World Feature

We are honored to have our recent work on Pizza Chips for Hello Delicious Brands showcased on Packaging of the World. See their writeup...

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UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) recently crowdsourced a name for their new boat, with horrible results.

Boaty McBoatface or: How We Should Learn to Stop Crowdsourcing Names

The internet is having a collective giggle over Boaty McBoatface, the crowdsourced name that UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) recently ended up with in their #NameOurShip contest. Here at Pivot we proudly focus on understanding the consumer point of view, but there's a Giant ship-sized difference between getting consumer input and handing over creative and strategic control. Consumer perspectives should...

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Brand color affects how consumers see your brand

Brand colors alter consumer perception

Colors can make your company seem more ethical to consumers. A recent University of Oregan study by marketing professor Aparna Sundar studies how color define's a brand and a consumer's response. Colors, she says, may spark ethical considerations that companies need to consider when building their messaging. Learn more from the University of Oregon or the...

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Can you identify when your brand is losing focus?

The warning signs that your brand is losing focus

Do you know the 7 warning signs that your brand is losing focus? You’re diversifying to try and bring in revenue. Your products are out of date. Your market share and/or your margins are slipping. You’ve got lots of different messages in the market. You’re always holding promotions or sales. Your investors are holding you...

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Do natural food brands lose trust when purchased by "Big Food"?

Do natural food brands lose trust when purchased by “Big Food”?

How much do consumer perceptions change when a small natural/organic food company is purchased by a conglomerate? As this trend continues across the consumer packaged goods world, NPR talked with many food company founders to understand their point of view. For shoppers who like their food natural, local and organic, though, these deals can be...

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Is it time for me to change my packaging?

When is it time to update your packaging?

“Deciding to change your packaging should never be taken lightly,” says Phil Duncan, P&G’s Global Design Officer. “There are typically numerous consumer and market dynamics that combine to signal the need to change your package. Consumer understanding and trends, a change in brand strategy, or significant shifts in the category or retail channels can all create...

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The economists from Freakonomics explore the hidden side of store brands.

Is there magic in your brand?

We're big fans of Freakonomics (and economists Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt) here at Pivot. They recently featured a podcast (with an unintentionally misleading title "How to Save $1 Billion Without Even Trying") on the economic value of brands by exploring the hidden side of store brands and informed shoppers. "You could take two identical objects...

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Are you giving your branding the right energy and focus?

Branding: Energy vs. Focus

Taking care of brands.  It's something that we do everyday.  The article below was intriguing to me as it spoke to how we plan for caring for brands.  What comes first...

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