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When is it time to update your packaging?

Is it time for me to change my packaging?

When is it time to update your packaging?

“Deciding to change your packaging should never be taken lightly,” says Phil Duncan, P&G’s Global Design Officer.

“There are typically numerous consumer and market dynamics that combine to signal the need to change your package. Consumer understanding and trends, a change in brand strategy, or significant shifts in the category or retail channels can all create an environment to consider a packaging change.”

There’s a good read on Forbes today for any brand leader wondering when it’s the right time for a change. There are a million reasons you could decide to evolve or refresh your brand, but what are the right considerations?

Marketplace changes

Do you have a new competitor that’s making waves in your category? It could be time to reinforce your brand story to re-engage your consumers. Significant shifts in your category or retail channels should always have you evaluating your packaging against the evolving competitive set.

Consumer trends

Are consumers moving away from your shelf stable products and heading towards products with more perceived “freshness”? Perhaps you’re noticing demographic shifts in your consumer and it’s time to reposition to regain younger consumers. Take stock of the larger trends happening in your sector and category to understand when it might be time to evolve.

Brand Strategy

Your packaging should NEVER change as much as your advertising efforts, but if your packaging no longer reflects your brand strategy, it’s time for a change.

Would you just like another point-of-view? Contact us to have our experienced brand leaders walk you through the considerations for a packaging change.

Liz Schwartz

Liz is the Creative Director at Pivot. Her 20+ years of design experience covers the gamut of consumer packaged goods branding, development, packaging and activation.