Liz Schwartz, Author at Pivot Marketing Inc.
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Author:Liz Schwartz

Eating Well Trend Creates Grocery Retail Opportunities

Webinar: How can wellness food trends help your brand?

The Food Marketing Institute is hosting a free webinar next week that may be beneficial for your brand. As more consumers are trying to "eat well" they can help you break down what that means and how it presents opportunities for grocery brands. You will learn: - What consumers mean by “eating well” - Consumer satisfaction with...

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New packaging from Yoplait attracts attention

New survey shows packaging design attracts consumers at shelf

"Consumers spend an average of 27 seconds making a decision in the grocery aisle. This means they are likely to do one of two things: zero in on a product that's familiar to them, or grab one that catches their eye. In either case, packaging can be key to a consumer's decision, and it can...

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Snack Food Packaging Design

Making convenience food portable through packaging

There's a good feature in Food Dive today called "You can take it with you: Packaging makes convenience food portable". Not only can unique packaging forms help your brand stand out on shelf, but consumers today are looking for convenience. Snack food packaging today absolutely must meet the consumer demand for functionality, transparency and portability....

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Pizza Chips - Food Packaging Design by Pivot Marketing

Packaging of the World Feature

We are honored to have our recent work on Pizza Chips for Hello Delicious Brands showcased on Packaging of the World. See their writeup...

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How listening to consumers turned around a failing ice cream business

How listening to consumers turned around a failing ice cream business

Is your sales velocity slower than you wanted? Is it a challenge to grow distribution? We firmly believe that the number one way to fix sluggish sales or sell-in to just one more new retailer is a heart-to-heart with consumers. We all make assumptions about what consumers want but how often do we really talk to them?...

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In-Home Consumer Immersion?

How far would you go to understand your consumer? Would you go so far as to immerse yourself in their lives and home for a week? Italian agency Le Balene is doing just that...

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Understand how color trends seep into the design world in this great Washington Post article.

Color forecasting 101

The Washington Post ran a great interactive article a week ago on color forecasting, looking back over past trends and showcasing how these colors seep into our world. Check it out....

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