Liz Schwartz, Author at Pivot Forward
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Author:Liz Schwartz

Sustainable food packaging is one of the few ways our industry can help combat climate change.

It’s time for more sustainable food packaging

We hate to say it, but food packaging is contributing to climate change. The UN released it’s latest IPCC report today, and the results aren’t good. Humans are spewing so much pollution into the atmosphere that there’s a good chance the world may break through the 1.5 degree Celsius threshold of warming within the next...

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Now Hiring - Front End Web & Wordpress Developer

Hiring: Front End Web & WordPress Developer (Freelance)

Are you a developer looking for some additional agency work? We, a small creative agency, are looking for a front end developer who can work with our creative team. We are a team of experienced designers and writers who want to work with a likeminded soul to bring the best of our clients to life...

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In-store sampling returns to costco for food brands

In-Store Sampling Returns

Good news for food brands and Costco lovers alike, starting this week in-store sampling is resuming at Costco in select locations. The process will "take some time" according to Richard Galanti, Costco CFO and EVP, but full sampling will return in phases and is expected everywhere by the end of June. Introducing new items to...

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Be consumer focused with the FMI US Grocery Shopper Trends 2021

Consumer Focus – Shopper Trends 2021

Every year FMI - The Food Industry Association releases a report on the state of the food and beverage world. Never is this update more important to maintain your consumer focus than now, when the global pandemic has fundamentally shifted the food landscape. This year's report seeks to understand shoppers’ pandemic-motivated purchasing, cooking and eating...

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CPG brands are engaging in more extreme flavor mashups than ever before

Extreme flavor mashups: a pandemic indulgence or new normal?

People are bored of cooking at home. We are all flat out tired of making and eating the same things month in and month out. As vaccines re-invigorate a sleepy restaurant and hospitality scene in the United States big CPG brands are trying to keep their grocery shoppers engaged. How? Extreme flavor mashups. This good...

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Sustainable Food Packaging Design a concern for consumers

Two-thirds of consumers consider sustainability in food packaging

According to the Global Green Buying Report one of the best things you could do for your consumers this year is ensuring that your food packaging is recyclable and sustainable. With 67% of consumers making at-shelf purchase decisions with recyclability in mind, your brand and your food products can no longer afford to ignore the...

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Now Hiring: Paid Social Manager

Hiring: Paid Media Specialist (Freelance)

Are you a marketing pro looking for some new fun clients? We, a small creative agency, are looking for a paid media specialist who can work with our creative team. We are a team of experienced designers and writers who want to work with a likeminded soul to bring the best of our clients to...

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How has COVID has affected the food business and restaurant industry?

The COVID effect on the food business and restaurant industry isn’t over yet.

The past year has been one of significant change for consumer packaged good brands, restaurants, and the food business. While the total consumer packaged goods industry grew about 10.4% in 20201 not every food business saw positive effects of consumers eating more meals in the home. A recent report from Food Dive shows that publicly...

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Food packaging laws are being updated - Pivot Marketing

New Rules Require Sesame Labeling on Food Packaging

Food packaging laws are changing again. With the new FASTER act (Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education, and Research Act of 2021 -  H.R. 1202) just signed into law you may need to update your nutrition and ingredient panels. Sesame is now the ninth food allergen that must be included on food packaging. The current requirements...

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Eating Well Trend Creates Grocery Retail Opportunities

Webinar: How can wellness food trends help your brand?

The Food Marketing Institute is hosting a free webinar next week that may be beneficial for your brand. As more consumers are trying to "eat well" they can help you break down what that means and how it presents opportunities for grocery brands. You will learn: - What consumers mean by “eating well” - Consumer satisfaction with...

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