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Sustainable Food Packaging Design a concern for consumers

Two-thirds of consumers consider sustainability in food packaging

According to the Global Green Buying Report one of the best things you could do for your consumers this year is ensuring that your food packaging is recyclable and sustainable. With 67% of consumers making at-shelf purchase decisions with recyclability in mind, your brand and your food products can no longer afford to ignore the...

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Food packaging laws are being updated - Pivot Marketing

New Rules Require Sesame Labeling on Food Packaging

Food packaging laws are changing again. With the new FASTER act (Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education, and Research Act of 2021 -  H.R. 1202) just signed into law you may need to update your nutrition and ingredient panels. Sesame is now the ninth food allergen that must be included on food packaging. The current requirements...

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Should you rethink your food packaging for ecommerce?

Since the beginning of food packaging's history, shoppers would make their weekly trek to the local grocery store and walk up and down the aisles searching for everything on their list.   Now, consumers have the option to bypass their local store and order directly online to get their groceries. According to Mintel, by 2025 online grocery...

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New packaging from Yoplait attracts attention

New survey shows packaging design attracts consumers at shelf

"Consumers spend an average of 27 seconds making a decision in the grocery aisle. This means they are likely to do one of two things: zero in on a product that's familiar to them, or grab one that catches their eye. In either case, packaging can be key to a consumer's decision, and it can...

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Pizza Chips - Food Packaging Design by Pivot Marketing

Packaging of the World Feature

We are honored to have our recent work on Pizza Chips for Hello Delicious Brands showcased on Packaging of the World. See their writeup...

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A Look at the New FDA Nutrition Facts Label

Big changes are coming in the grocery store aisles, in particular to the Nutrition Facts label. The new label (image below) will need to be implemented by manufactures in July of 2018 with the exception of those with less then $10 million in annual food sales who have been given an additional year to comply.   At...

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Coca Cola's infamous white can experiment failed, partly because consumers perceived a formula change due to the new packaging color.

How packaging can make food more flavorful

A fascinating article came out in the New Yorker this week focused on the work of Charles Spence at Oxford University. This professor of experimental psychology has been doing tremendous work with consumer perception and food, using all kinds of sensory variables like sound, color and packaging to study how the human brain naturally perceives...

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Is it time for me to change my packaging?

When is it time to update your packaging?

“Deciding to change your packaging should never be taken lightly,” says Phil Duncan, P&G’s Global Design Officer. “There are typically numerous consumer and market dynamics that combine to signal the need to change your package. Consumer understanding and trends, a change in brand strategy, or significant shifts in the category or retail channels can all create...

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Tootsie Rolls - An Iconic Package makes an iconic brand

Creating iconic brands through packaging

Just a little food for thought today as we came across an NPR story about iconic brands that stand apart based on their packaging. It's worth a read if only to realize that differentiating your brand through your package is an opportunity for every consumer product company, large or small. Sometimes, packaging is so distinctive, it...

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