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HR Hiring Campaign to help with 2021 Pandemic hiring problems

Elim Hiring Campaign

Many industries are struggling to fill open positions. As an institution catering to the learning and development of individuals with disabilities, our client Elim was no different. Elim had difficulty hiring paraprofessionals who would assist instructors in the classroom. There were a broad range of duties for these candidates, ranging from following lesson plans to...

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Little Lungs Campaign

The little lungs of babies, toddlers and preschoolers need clean air—that’s because these developing lungs are more susceptible to allergens, bacteria and germs. Problem is, many daycare providers—and parents for that matter—don’t understand that indoor air can be cleaner and healthier, because they don’t know of options to actually scrub the air. So, we worked...

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The Mason Racin' Challenge - A retailer specific sales promotion developed for Fellowes Brands

Retailer Sales Promotion

So often selling in new products isn't just focused on the end consumer, but also the sales and retail partners every business needs to thrive. This is where a fun and vibrant sales promotion can come into play. Our client Fellowes Brands really dives in to support their partners in the office supply space with...

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Consumer Sweepstakes

Our client Fellowes was at a crossroads. So we stepped in and developed a consumer sweepstakes to help. Over its century of providing goods to business, it had grown, assimilating companies and providers. Problem was, office supplies buyers only knew of Fellowes via a very narrow focus. That is to say, if the supply buyer bought...

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This employee marketing program focuses on quality control for a US manufacturer

Continuous Improvement Employee Program

How do you keep your employees engaged and focused on quality in a production and manufacturing environment? You make it fun. That's exactly what we did with our client Designetics Inc. when we created the ON+ON Continuous Improvement employee program. We  emphasized that quality control never ends with a fun and engaging program that took over...

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You could win a year of free pizza - food promotion for Urban Farmer Foods

Win A Year of Free Pizza Promotion

When our veggie crust frozen pizza client was extending their brand into new markets, they reached out to us to help them create a cost-effective way to introduce themselves to new consumers. During a pandemic, the normal path for a food brand—in-store sampling—was simply not an option. So how could we reach consumers who knew nothing about...

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Serious BBQ for casual nights - 360° marketing campaign for Tony Roma's retail BBQ

Tony Roma’s

Do you need a marketing campaign to create excitement for your products to launch with a new retail partner? You need to talk to Pivot Forward. We developed a full 360° marketing campaign for Tony Roma's Barbecue that would reach out to consumers in a wide range of avenues...

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Designetics – Little Things

Designetics in a major employer in Northern Ohio, and sought to further its already strong relations with every level of employee. So, it came to us. First, we did a comprehensive assessment of its existing employee benefits and programs. Then, we looked to amping up engagement, developing a multi-tiered communications plan with an engaging, playful...

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Terminix Retail Packaging Design - Pivot Marketing Inc.


[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] When venerable home services giant Terminix was approached to license retail products, the company thought it would be a great opportunity to expand its reach. However, without a clear-cut retail and licensing strategy, it soon found itself, well, bugged. Some products were off-brand, and some confused consumers. What’s more, there wasn’t a migration strategy...

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