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Sometimes a business outgrows it's branding and is need of a reset—a whole new brand name and visual identity.

Brand Naming & Identity

Sometimes a business outgrows it's branding and is need of a reset—a whole new brand name and visual identity. Maybe they've grown from a small business with a founder's name, maybe the name was always a placeholder while the proposition was tested, and sometimes the business was simply acquired and a new identity is needed...

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Pound of Ground

When our client needed help developing new food packaging and a brand to represent their idea we dug in. We developed initial branding and packaging for retail testing and then worked to refine the packaging to emphasize the ease of use for the consumer. This frozen food packaging featured a big window to allow the...

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Bon Ami

Faultless Brands had a problem. While its Bon Ami powdered cleanser created a cleaning category more than 135 years ago as “America’s original powdered cleanser,” it was lost among a plethora of other cleansers that emerged in its wake over the years. Worse, its packaging and presence on shelf was overshadowed by other canned cleaners...

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Kronos World’s Fare

When Kronos wanted to introduce their new global food offerings at the National Restaurant Association tradeshow, they turned to the Pivot team to help them design a one-of-a-kind streetscape to capture eyes and encourage trial of their new foods. Working with the structural team at Derse, we created a new kind of tradeshow design focused...

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Urban Farmer Veggie Breads

Urban Farmer is not only a leading manufacturer of cauliflower and veggie-crust pizzas, they are also an innovator in plant-based foods. As a producer of some of America's most loved cauliflower-crust pizzas, they tapped into their expertise to create veggie blend breads with all the taste and texture of traditional flour. So our team at...

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Swanky Frank's Fresh Pickles

Swanky Frank’s Fresh Pickles

As a leading co-manufacturer of pickles for America’s top pickle brands and restaurants, our client has decades of experience in pickling. They've produced some of America's favorite pickles and now are tapping into their three generations of expertise to create their own superior refrigerated pickles. So we started by digging into the company history, getting...

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Pivot worked with the team at Elim Christian Services to help Elim define their brand positioning and identity to best carry the organization into their future to equipping people with disabilities to thrive in their communities. Elim has been a long-time provider of services to people with disabilities, from schooling for ages 3-22, adult care,...

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Faultless Ironing Sprays

Sometimes, you need to make a change. But when you're a 132-year-old international brand, change can be daunting and potentially confusing for long time consumers. We worked with the team at Faultless to develop a two-step packaging design change to help them reduce SKUs and realign under one Faultless umbrella, while maintaining key equity elements...

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Street Scene by Kronos

When Kronos Foods developed new street food offerings, they needed a brand and package that could take that idea to shelf. Introducing...

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Faultless Brands

Face it: “Faultless Starch Bon Ami Company” is a mouthful. That’s the legacy of a brand that’s been around for more than 130 years—one that was cobbled together from acquisitions and absorption of other companies. When the Kansas City cleaning and home goods company analyzed all their brands—like Niagara, Magic, Bon Ami, Steel Glo—they saw...

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