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Javo Foodservice Website

When our friends at Javo Beverage came to us about building the company a new website, we first asked for product samples, but then we got down to the business of creating an entirely new online identity. Because we love tasty beverages and Javo makes great ones. Something we enjoy about so many of our partners...

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KwikIQ Branding

Kwik IQ is a leader in cloud-based smart, secure digital device management, storage and charging. But old branding told an outdated story. So, the company turned to Pivot for a new look that demonstrates Kwik IQ's reasons to believe. First, we created a stronger tech brand that's undergirded with a solidly built typeface and makes...

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Mr. Chips Website

Ever heard of Mr. Chips? They're a big deal in foodservice and commercial pickles, and chances are, you've savored their creations. They tasked us with a challenge: craft a website that showcases their scale and makes working in pickles look as fun as it tastes. We nailed it with a fresh photo shoot, a dash...

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Chef J’s BBQ Provisions

When Chef Jason Morse wanted to light a fire under his brand, we were happy to take on the challenge. Re-branding a person and their products is a unique opportunity; you've got to remember that there's an honest-to-goodness human being who is the literal face of the brand. In our initial meetings, "Chef J" offered clear...

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HR Hiring Campaign to help with 2021 Pandemic hiring problems

Elim Hiring Campaign

Many industries are struggling to fill open positions. As an institution catering to the learning and development of individuals with disabilities, our client Elim was no different. Elim had difficulty hiring paraprofessionals who would assist instructors in the classroom. There were a broad range of duties for these candidates, ranging from following lesson plans to...

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Little Lungs Campaign

The little lungs of babies, toddlers and preschoolers need clean air—that’s because these developing lungs are more susceptible to allergens, bacteria and germs. Problem is, many daycare providers—and parents for that matter—don’t understand that indoor air can be cleaner and healthier, because they don’t know of options to actually scrub the air. So, we worked...

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AeraMax Pro Infographics

Sometimes, complex communication issues require a different approach. That’s why we focused on providing our client Fellowes with a raft of dynamic and visually based infographics to explain the benefits of its air purifiers to intended audiences. Given that the topics covered were often filled with scientific explanations, we broke down lofty—and sometimes dense—concepts...

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Sometimes a business outgrows it's branding and is need of a reset—a whole new brand name and visual identity.

Brand Naming & Identity

Sometimes a business outgrows it's branding and is need of a reset—a whole new brand name and visual identity. Maybe they've grown from a small business with a founder's name, maybe the name was always a placeholder while the proposition was tested, and sometimes the business was simply acquired and a new identity is needed...

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The Mason Racin' Challenge - A retailer specific sales promotion developed for Fellowes Brands

Retailer Sales Promotion

So often selling in new products isn't just focused on the end consumer, but also the sales and retail partners every business needs to thrive. This is where a fun and vibrant sales promotion can come into play. Our client Fellowes Brands really dives in to support their partners in the office supply space with...

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Pound of Ground

When our client needed help developing new food packaging and a brand to represent their idea we dug in. We developed initial branding and packaging for retail testing and then worked to refine the packaging to emphasize the ease of use for the consumer. This frozen food packaging featured a big window to allow the...

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