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Snack Food Packaging Design

Making convenience food portable through packaging

There's a good feature in Food Dive today called "You can take it with you: Packaging makes convenience food portable". Not only can unique packaging forms help your brand stand out on shelf, but consumers today are looking for convenience. Snack food packaging today absolutely must meet the consumer demand for functionality, transparency and portability....

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How listening to consumers turned around a failing ice cream business

How listening to consumers turned around a failing ice cream business

Is your sales velocity slower than you wanted? Is it a challenge to grow distribution? We firmly believe that the number one way to fix sluggish sales or sell-in to just one more new retailer is a heart-to-heart with consumers. We all make assumptions about what consumers want but how often do we really talk to them?...

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Understand how color trends seep into the design world in this great Washington Post article.

Color forecasting 101

The Washington Post ran a great interactive article a week ago on color forecasting, looking back over past trends and showcasing how these colors seep into our world. Check it out....

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Brand color affects how consumers see your brand

Brand colors alter consumer perception

Colors can make your company seem more ethical to consumers. A recent University of Oregan study by marketing professor Aparna Sundar studies how color define's a brand and a consumer's response. Colors, she says, may spark ethical considerations that companies need to consider when building their messaging. Learn more from the University of Oregon or the...

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Coca Cola's infamous white can experiment failed, partly because consumers perceived a formula change due to the new packaging color.

How packaging can make food more flavorful

A fascinating article came out in the New Yorker this week focused on the work of Charles Spence at Oxford University. This professor of experimental psychology has been doing tremendous work with consumer perception and food, using all kinds of sensory variables like sound, color and packaging to study how the human brain naturally perceives...

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Do natural food brands lose trust when purchased by "Big Food"?

Do natural food brands lose trust when purchased by “Big Food”?

How much do consumer perceptions change when a small natural/organic food company is purchased by a conglomerate? As this trend continues across the consumer packaged goods world, NPR talked with many food company founders to understand their point of view. For shoppers who like their food natural, local and organic, though, these deals can be...

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Reframing calories into energy could have a real impact on food choices

Using context to shift consumer behavior in food labeling

For years food companies have been complying with the mandated NLEA information under the assumption that they help consumers make better food choices. Based on FDA labeling laws, industry initiatives and the Affordable Care Act we've seen calorie counts added to the sides of food packages, the front of packages, restaurant menus and even the...

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The economists from Freakonomics explore the hidden side of store brands.

Is there magic in your brand?

We're big fans of Freakonomics (and economists Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt) here at Pivot. They recently featured a podcast (with an unintentionally misleading title "How to Save $1 Billion Without Even Trying") on the economic value of brands by exploring the hidden side of store brands and informed shoppers. "You could take two identical objects...

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